Pantry Plus

$150.00 *

The Pantry Plus Pack is a collection of available items from these categories:

  • 3x 1 litre milk (fresh or long life)
  • 1x loaf of bread
  • 1x butter 250g
  • 1x dozen eggs
  • 1x packet of cereal 500g
  • 1x toilet paper 6pk
  • 8 pieces of fresh fruit
  • 2x kg fresh vegetables
  • 4x packets or cans of soup
  • 1x tea bags 25pk
  • 1x instant coffee 50g
  • 1x cheese block 500g
  • 1x rice 2kg
  • 1x dry pasta 500g
  • 2x pasta sauce
  • 500g red meat
  • 500g white meat
  • 1x chocolate block 200g
  • 2x sweet biscuits
  • 2x frozen meal
  • 1x long life juice 2 litre
  • 2x cans of seafood
  • 1x box of tissues
  • 1x toothpaste
  • 1 x soap bar

Indicative price of $150; your local IGA store will confirm availability of items, the final price, and arrange for payment after your order is reviewed. Pack sizes shown may vary depending on stock availability at time of order.

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