What is IGA Shop Online?

IGA Shop Online is a home delivery service, that will offer a choice from a range of essentials and many other items most commonly stocked at most local IGA stores delivered directly to your front door.

Why have you introduced this service?

At IGA, looking after our local communities has, and always will be our top priority. While we prefer to serve you face to face in store, we know that some of our local shoppers would like IGA to come to them. With over 1,400 stores nationwide, you’re never too far from an IGA, but we are excited to bring IGA to you and continue to support our customers as only we know how.

How do I place an order?

You can register for IGA Shop Online and check availability for your location at igashop.com.au. If your local IGA store is participating you can place an order straight away. Your order will be directed to your selected IGA store and they will contact you directly by phone to confirm your requirements, pick and pack your order and arrange payment and delivery.

Who is eligible to receive/order online?

IGA Shop Online is now open to anyone where we have a participating IGA store able to deliver in their location.

What products can I order?

We have selected over 1,800 essential and popular items that are commonly stocked at most local IGA stores for you to choose from. You can complete your full shop from your favourite local IGA without leaving home. Please note that some items in the IGA Shop Online range may not be stocked, or out of stock, at your local IGA store. For some of these, your local IGA may provide a substitution for an item in your order.

Why can’t I just order what I want?

You can order most of your shopping needs via IGA Shop Online. If you are after a favourite cheese or a specialty item that you know your local IGA stocks, you can also request this with your order by adding a special request at the checkout.

Is this service available in all IGA stores?

As IGA stores are independently owned and operated, this service will not be available in all areas. When you register for IGA Online Shop, you will be asked for your postcode. If we have an IGA store that delivers to your area you will be able to continue to shop. If we don’t currently have a store that is able to deliver to your area, you can give us your email and we will be in touch to let you know as soon as we do.

Why isn’t your service like Coles and Woolworths?

As IGA stores are locally and independently owned, we’ve never taken a one size fits all approach to business, which means our online shop is a little different too. We are committed to developing the site to improve the online shopping experience for all our customers, whilst bringing the very unique and personal service of our IGA retailers to their door.

It cost more/less than was advertised on your site? Why was I charged a different amount?

As IGA stores are independently owned and operated, our pricing can vary store to store and state to state. Because of this, the pricing on this site is indicative of the final price and this will be confirmed by the local IGA store that completes your order before any payment is required. We know that value is important and remain focussed on offering quality products at competitive prices in all stores.

Will there be a delivery cost?

Yes. There will be a small delivery cost to deliver your groceries directly to your door. This will be determined by your local store.

Will I pay more online than I will in the shop?

No. You will only be charged what you would pay in the store, plus a small delivery fee.

How do I pay for my order?

Once your order has been accepted by your local IGA store, they will be in contact to organise credit card payment over the phone.

How will my payment details be protected?

The payment process will be made over the phone, via credit card. In order to ensure payment is secure and protected, our store teams will recite the order number you received when placing their order to authenticate the call.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

Where possible we are only accepting card payments to deliver a contactless service and protect our staff and customers. If you don’t have a credit or debit card, please discuss this with your local IGA store when they phone to make payment.

Is there a minimum spend to qualify for delivery?

Yes. The minimum spend to qualify for delivery is $80.

Is click and collect available?

As IGA stores are independently owned and operated, please check with your local IGA to see if they offer an in-store collection service.

Can I get points on my rewards card/automatic competition entry for purchasing online?

If the IGA retailer delivering your online shop order is your usual local IGA please provide them with your rewards card number before they take payment, this can be entered manually.

If a product is not listed online, but I know my local store stocks it, can I still order it?

Yes. You can request for the product to be added either in the free text box on the checkout page when making the online order or when you speak to your local IGA store when they call to arrange payment.

If a product I order is not available will you use substitutes?

Due to increased product demand, we will do our best to provide an alternative substitution if your preferred product is unavailable.

Will I be able to make special requests around special dietary requirements? (gluten-free, nut-free etc.)

Yes. You can specify any dietary requirements either in the free text box on the checkout page when making your online order, or when you speak to your local IGA store when they call to arrange payment. Whilst we will endeavour to find alternatives wherever possible, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your local store will be able to fulfill any additional requests.

What happens if you are unable to deliver any additional products that I have requested?

Whilst we will endeavour to meet any additional requests, you will only be charged for items that we are able to deliver, and this will be confirmed by your local IGA store when they call to arrange payment and delivery.

Can I cancel an order once I have placed it?

As IGA stores are independently owned and operated, if you wish to cancel an order that you have placed, you will need to do this directly with your local IGA store.

Do I need to pay for plastic bags?

Yes. You will need to pay for plastic bags as you would with any order.

Can I order on behalf of someone else in need?

Yes. IGA Shop Online is now open to anyone where we have a participating IGA store so a friend, family member or carer will be able to order on behalf of a recipient.

Can I order online on a regular subscription?

Every online order is one-off and will not be offered in a subscription model. You can however, continue to place an online order every week.

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

This will be dependent on your local IGA. Once the order has been confirmed, you’ll hear from your local store who will provide updates on the final cost of the pack, process the payment and organise a convenient delivery time.

What happens if my order doesn’t arrive? Will I be refunded/reimbursed?

Customers will only make payment once they speak directly with the store owner before delivery commences, ensuring payment is in line with delivery times. Should there be any issues with your delivery, please contact the delivery store directly or our support centre on 1800 018 384.

If I change my mind once the pack arrives, can I return it?

No, this service does not offer change of mind returns.

How will the pack be delivered?

Staff from your local IGA will deliver the goods to your front door within the delivery window time that has been confirmed between the store and customer.

What safety measures will be put in place with delivery drop-offs?

A store member or alternative transport provider, for example UBER, will confirm delivery by SMS or call before dropping the delivery at your front door to ensure a contact-free delivery.